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Cyclist with sever neck pain

I have what is known as a severe compression of the C5 and C5 vertebrae. This causes me severe discomfort in the neck and shoulder muscles on my right hand side. To also add to this dilemma I am a semi serious cyclist averaging around 300km per week in the saddle.

After being diagnosed with my C5 and C6 I was basically told to use Ibuprofen when in any discomfort. It really wasn’t what I wanted to hear. So for the past 12 month I had been taking a 600mg tablet 1 hour before each bike ride.

I then started to use the RemedyBeast Sports Edition 3 times per day. I put some on before my bike ride, then after my shower when getting home and then finally at night as I get in bed. I simply rub it into the top of my shoulder and the right hand side of my neck.

I am now at the point where I can ride my bike in relative comfort without the aid of the 600mg Ibuprofen.